Litigation & Appellate Services

Sessions, Fishman & Nathan, L.L.C. offers a wide array of litigation services for clients in the Greater New Orleans area, from pre-litigation resolution to arbitration or trial, whether prosecuting or defending claims. Understanding that successful businesses expect results but are also mindful of the bottom line, our litigation attorneys offer services that efficiently and creatively address each client’s unique needs. Our ultimate goal is to reach a speedy and favorable resolution while minimizing the disruption litigation can cause.

Commercial Litigation

Handling a business dispute is a cumbersome, complicated process, often derived from tense circumstances that would be best handled by experienced legal professionals. The commercial litigation process typically involves retaining an attorney for representation, conducting an investigation, researching laws on the dispute, sending demand letters, engaging in settlement negotiations, filing the lawsuit, participating in motion practice, presenting the case before a judge or jury, and many other stages.
Our legal team supports clients in both federal and state courts and provides sound, practical advice to serve your interests best and improve business practices.

Civil Litigation

Civil litigation proceedings differ from the commercial process in that they involve a dispute between individual people. While both include some of the same general components, civil litigation tends to be less complicated and usually involves a shorter timeline. With this in mind, civil litigation is often less expensive since it is essentially filing a lawsuit against another person.

Appellate Court

An appellate court, commonly known as an appeals court or court of second instance, involves a higher court reviewing a lower court’s decision. Our team will carefully review the entire court record, relevant documents, transcripts, and evidentiary materials to best support your interests and convince the court that your side should prevail according to applicable law.
We welcome the opportunity to discuss, critically analyze, and—when needed—litigate the challenges our New Orleans-area clients face. Contact Sessions, Fishman & Nathan, L.L.C. at 504-582-1500 to learn how we can offer support through commercial or civil litigation.