Probate & Succession Administration

Probate & Succession Administration

The death of a loved one brings a number of complex legal matters for surviving family members, including succession and estate administration or probate.
In Louisiana, a Succession proceeding is the process of transferring legal title of the assets of the deceased to his or her successors. There are two types of successions, testate and intestate:

  • A testate succession occurs when the decedent dies with a will.
  • An intestate succession occurs when the decedent leaves no will behind. In an intestate succession, the assets are divided among heirs in accordance with Louisiana statutes.

If you are seeking representation for succession or any estate administration or probate matter in Louisiana, the attorneys of Sessions’ Estate Planning and Probate Group are here for you. We have been a trusted source of legal representation for New Orleans families since 1958.

Estate Administration or Probate

The estate administration/probate process entails numerous legal and financial issues, including:

  • Identifying and appraising assets;
  • Computing and paying taxes;
  • Negotiating with and paying creditors; and
  • Transferring legal title to Successors.

Estate administration or probate can be complex, but with an experienced legal team guiding you through the process, you can avoid much of the difficulty and expense. Our lawyers will work with you personally to protect your rights and lead you through the process.

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Trust and Estate Litigation

When a family member dies, the resulting legal and financial concerns can be stressful, time-consuming and, all too often, contentious. With a sound estate plan in place, it is often possible to avoid trust and estate disputes. However, if you find yourself engaged in such a dispute, it is important to have an experienced legal team protecting your interests.

Sessions’ Estate Planning and Probate Group has extensive experience handling trust and estate disputes for clients in New Orleans and throughout surrounding parishes. Our skilled trial lawyers have in-depth knowledge of procedural and substantive issues involved in litigating Louisiana successions, and probate and trust matters, making us formidable advocates for clients engaged in estate and trust litigation.

Handling Family Disputes with Care

Although our trust and estate litigation attorneys understand the sensitivity involved in family disputes and seek to resolve legal disputes without causing undue strife or acrimony among family members, we will provide you with strong, unwavering representation in trust and estate disputes involving claims of:

  • Undue influence;
  • Incapacity;
  • Breach of fiduciary duty; and
  • Executor/Administrator fraud or incompetence.

Litigation among family members can be heart-wrenching. We make every attempt to help our clients avoid such litigation by guiding them to amicable resolutions whenever possible. We also help clients avoid litigation by establishing firm estate plans that limit the possibility of trust and estate disputes. Nevertheless, when disputes arise and litigation is unavoidable, we are here to protect your interests with strong, unrelenting representation.

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